32 years supporting the struggle/32 años apoyando la lucha

Rolf Künnemann
As I recall we have been working together since 2010 and there have been several milestone moments
in that trajectory – in relation to our shared commitment to People’s Sovereignty and Human Rights and
the long search for access to justice for the affected communities impacted by the operations of TNCs.
It’s just eight short years but we have shared really groundbreaking developments:
Its been a trajectory of inter-change and shared learning – through several ETOs Conferences; Vienna+20
Conference-a strategic opening to migrant and refugees rights; TA Strategy Meetings &
Statements; and in particular the joint work on the Global Campaign 8 Points, 6 Points and final text
Proposals document on a Treaty on Transnational Corporations and their Supply Chains with regard to
Human Rights (https://www.stopcorporateimpunity.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Treaty_draftEN1.pdf).
On this latter, Gonzalo recalls “the last series of consultations and debates within the Global
Campaign about many issues involving mostly the role of States and the challenge put by TNCs regarding
human rights. It was through a debate on ‘violations’ that I learned more on the HR paradigm
and how each piece of its puzzle accommodates in the whole picture. Rolf had to do a huge pedagogic
exercise with me and our comrades. He was our teacher and we enjoyed challenging him a lot!”.
Our special encounters have also included in-depth principled debate on the threats to Human Rights
and Corporate Capture – in the TNI-FIAN meeting in Paris and in the Conference with social movements
in Heidelberg (2016).
There has been lively contestation and struggle of ideas-but always in a comradely spirit. Now we
struggle together inside the Global Campaign – for a very ambitious Treaty. But it is not only the Treaty
that unites us but our participation in the movements for transformative system change that aim to end
– in the longterm – the hegemony of corporate power on our current economic and political paradigms.
We are very thankful – its has been an amazing opportunity to share this struggle with such a qualified,
strategic and sensitive comrade.
We count on you dear Rolf to be close by in these ongoing and intense struggles! And in that context we
wish you a very active and engaged work up ahead!
Brid Brennan & Gonzalo Berron
Economic Justice Programme
Corporate Power Project
Transnational Institute
The Post Ruggie period when after the Antwerp ETOs Conference, we were able to initiate
the Joint Statement on the Ruggie process and the UNGPs. May 2011.
Our consultation on the building of the Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle
Corporate Power, and Stop Impunity and participation in the Amsterdam Strategy meeting in
December 2012.
Peoples Treaty process – 2012-2013 – deep appreciation for the building of this process from
the perspective of social movements.
Building together the Treaty Alliance and launching March 2014 … and all the twists and
turns since then…up to the 2017 3rd Session of the OEIGWG.

Rolf’s booklet


El derecho a la alimentación

El derecho a la alimentación implica que todas las personas por el simple hecho de existir, deben poder acceder a una cantidad y una variedad de alimentos suficientes para llevar una vida activa y saludable.